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Stock Option Screening & Probability Analysis is an investment analysis web site that focuses on probability analysis of index and equity options. It provides educational material on practical mathematics, investment analysis and probability that is intended for those who are already familiar with the fundamentals of investing in stock options. It also features powerful screening tools to help users find and analyze advantaged investment opportunities.

Each day, tens of thousands of option investments are evaluated. The "Hot List" page displays a sampling of these option investments that the analyzers have scored highly. The "Hot List" could be a good starting point for member's looking for option investment ideas. (The size of the "Hot List" sample displayed is dependent on membership level.)

This site performs advanced probability analysis to identify excellent investment opportunities using:
  • Long and Covered Calls
  • Long and Short Puts
  • Bull and Bear Credit Spreads
  • Bull and Bear Debit Spreads
  • Buy-Writes and Sell-Writes

Some features of this site require user registration. (Select the "Register" link in the left side navigation area to register.) See "Membership Types " for a description of registration options. During the site's introductory period, a limited number of "Contributor Memberships" will be available. A "Contributor Membership" provides full access to the analysis programs for a limited time in exchange for providing feedback to us so that we can build a better site.

We are very interested in your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to us via the "Contact Us" link.

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